How To Find the Best Freelance Content Writing Jobs in India?

The Pandemic outbreak in 2020 left many businesses dumbstruck. It impacted the traditional operational setup, and the roaring job market reached an apparent standstill. Soon after, the world witnessed a rise in adopting different operating methods. Organizations, amid the extensive shift, resorted to remote working culture.

 The work became an office-free module, creating more opportunities for freelance content writers in India.

According to reports, India’s freelance community may grow to 20-30 billion dollars by 2025. Continuing at the pace at which the community is expanding, it reassures of good scope for widespread freelance content writing jobs.

Who is a freelance content writer?

A freelance content writer is someone who operates as a self-employed. He composes, proofreads, and submits the final content to the client. He composes a variety of content for clients like- articles, blogs, content for social media, Press releases, and website content.

The person works independently unlike other content writers in India. He is the boss and shares 100% freedom to choose the clients he wants to work with. With businesses struggling to meet new emerging deadlines, a freelance content writer emerged as a hope.

6 Ways to FindFreelance Content Writing Jobs

From starting a content writing company to working as a part-timer, you share the immense possibilities of expanding your writing horizon as a freelancer. Here are some tested ways to find freelance content writing jobs:

1)    Prepare your portfolio

It is the most critical and no-brainer way to kickstart your journey in freelancing. You must have a good treasure of all you have done until now. Even if you are a fresher, you must advertise and offer free samples. If you grab the project, it could be a milestone in your freelance content writing journey. Include the below aspects to highlight your portfolio in the best form:

  • Profile image
  • Logo
  • Services
  • Samples or links
  • Testimonials
  • Social account details
  • Blog section
  • Contact details
  • About yourself (200-400words)

Designing a portfolio this way would help the client understand your writing. Add Calls to Action(CTA) like- contact number, email id, and social media links would help the client approach you quickly.


2)      Start blogging

Around 78% of the clients analyze the blogging aspect to analyze your expertise. Blogging not only helps increase engagement and connect but helps clients find you. Blogging regularly may improve your site visibility and get you more clients.

Moreover, if you are seeking freelance content writing jobs as a beginner, you may benefit from blogging. You could either have a separate portion on your portfolio for blogging or set up an account on Medium. It is the ideal platform to display expertise for freshers. Ensure two blogs a week for better visibility and consistency online.


3)      Niche down the expertise

Starting my journey as a content writer in India involves experimentation and intelligent wordplay. There is always something that excites one more than the other.

 Choose a niche that belongs to you- your personality and passion. Before finding freelance content writing jobs in India, figure out the expertise you share.

For example, I work for multiple niches, mainly as a Finance content writer. That’s my niche and expertise.

Similarly, as a freelance content writer, you must improvise your writing style, inclination, and interest and then decide on a niche.

Having a niche makes it easier to get clients instead of working as a just freelancer. The best way to do so is to accept projects whatsoever that come your way and test yourself.

  • What is that that naturally comes to you?
  • Which topic gets you excited?
  • Which niche could you talk about in detail without much research?
  • What is the future scope of the specific niche? 

Figuring out answers to these questions would help clarify the niche for which to go.

4)      Join niche-specific Facebook groups/ freelancing groups

The quickest and best way to find clients for freelancing is by searching for specific Facebook groups. There are many groups about your particular niche or freelancing opportunities. 

Explore the apt opportunity gauging out the reliability of the proposal. Identify whether the client is reliable in terms of long-term or working without advance. 

Some clients aspects freelancers to work before getting paid. It is not something to be afraid of until you connect with a reliable firm. 

However, you should prefer getting some amount in advance or a proposal in writing before proceeding further with the project. Identify what content writing services you can leverage to earn the best from a famous platform like Facebook. It would help you define the quote and set the proper pricing.

5)      Cold pitching

 Cold pitching is sending out email sequences to someone currently not looking for your services. He is someone who does not know you in person. However, it would help if you did not seem like a spammer in their emails. 

As a freelance content writer, you must master the technique of ensuring genuine pitches. Always know the person or the company’s next initiative before reaching out to them. Here is an example of the cold pitch.

Subject line: Congrats on the recent successful (online workshop)

Hey (First name),

I saw your recent online workshop wherein you touched on essential aspects of the emerging era of Artificial Intelligence and how it is overturning the existing technologies. Hopefully, it turns out as expected, and may your target audience engage with the final output you wish to offer. Things are probably in your court right now.

However, I want to share how I can help you achieve your goal. (List here the main benefit of your services. The reason the prospect should connect.)

If interested, let’s connect by the late weekend. Please provide your schedule for meeting confirmation.

Congrats Again!          


While writing a cold pitch, do not seem to market yourself. It is one of the biggest to commit. It may impact your opportunities of fetching good freelance content writing jobs.

As you research your prospect, check for recent announcements, product launches, awards, recognitions, and company achievements. It would help you approach the client most genuinely.

1)      Sign up for Freelance Content writing sites

There are multiple sites like:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Problogger

Which you can utilize to get started as a freelance content writer. Sign up and upload the details. There are different options to work for. Set up a bid and start your freelancing journey.

Bottom line

Which of these would you like to try first? Or if you have any other points. Feel free to share. I hope these tips will help you strike apt freelance content writing jobs.

Description: If you are figuring out the best way to get the best freelance content writing jobs, these tips may help.

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