Google Helpful Content Update 2022: 5 EASY Steps to Creating Content

Google has been continuously upgrading its algorithms to meet customer and user behavior. The modifications have transformed how Google ranks content from mobile-first indexing to people-first content (Google Helpful content update 2022).

So, if you are a marketer or content writer in India seeking effective ways to rank higher in SERP by revising the content strategy, the blog may help. 

So, let’s begin with the first things first:

What is Google Helpful Content Update?

Google Helpful Content upgrade 2022 is its fifth algorithm update of 2022, announced on 18th August, with modifications rolling out on 25th August 2022. aims at prioritizing content that helps users find relevant answers to their queries.

If content satisfies the user by answering every question without him searching further, it is considered helpful content. This new update may affect unhelpful content ranking high on SERPs.

Which content type does it affects the most?

However, the update does not target any specific niche, but as per Google, the below content types may suffer a jerk:

  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Online educational material
  • Shopping
  • Tech-related content

Why is this update important for Content writers in India?

With EAT upgrade- (Expertise- Authenticate- Trust) update, many websites with irrelevant content were attracting enormous traffic.  It was hardly helping the users in response. It is why Google launched the very update.

Content writing agency in India and marketers must revise their strategy as it focuses on only helpful content. Helpful content is something that helps users get exactly what he is looking for. Here Google prioritizes people over search engines with every content piece.

The major confusion for writers here is- the disparity between Search engine-friendly and people-friendly content. It is important to know to improve your website content strategy to rank in SERP.

How To know whether my content is people-first or search-first content?

How to write for the people-only search update?

Does my writing reveal some of its aspects?

There could be n number of questions revolving in your head right now. If you seek an impactful way to re-draft and re-position your content in the readers’ and Google’s eyes, check the ways to create content below.

5 Steps to create content as per Google Helpful content Update 2022

Helpful content satisfies curiosity along with providing value. It must not be curated and share original thoughts and practices. If your content writing Company website reveals unhelpful content, you must completely remove it or improve it.

In precise, it must leave the users guessing the next big thing on the table. The guessing part provokes a user to leave the source and land at another.

 It increases the bounce rate and affects the content relevancy in Google’s eye. As a result, the website may suffer a serious dip in rankings.

Thus, to create content per Google Helpful update 2022, earmark the following aspects.

1)      Pick a Topic in which you share expertise

While creating any content ask yourself

“ Does this topic reveals the best of your expertise?”

“ Do you know the topic in detail?”

Creating content for people-first searches requires the writer to experience the topic.

You must ensure a first-hand experience with the product or service you are writing about.

Having a thorough knowledge of the topic helps you explain things with better clarity and insights. This is in opposition to just putting together what’s already there.

Before writing- research the topic. Analyze keeping yourself in the place and write. Try presenting original views.

  • Always Stick to the topic

It is the second step while creating content for the people-first audience. Do not deviate from the topic. Content writers in India often struggle amid too much availability of facts and content to research.

Owing to this, content writers create content that lies beyond their expertise. And this may not reflect the best of their abilities and may not be much helpful to the users. Most of the time, one does so to capitalize on the opportunity of ranking a trending keyword.

While writing content, asks yourself:

  • Are you writing just for seizing the opportunity to rank on SERP on the trending topic?
  • Are you giving more importance to search traffic than helping the user?
  • Is your content inclined towards a single concept or blends different?

These questions may help you avoid writing something out of the league and ensure good on-page optimization.

  • Answer the searcher’s questions

Going by the rule, a content piece must solve a purpose. Before writing your content, do the below things:

Follow the passage listed and create content for search and people likewise. 

After creating the content analysis:

  • Does your content leave any scope for the audience or the readers to check out other sources?
  • Do you aim for a particular word count to rank on Google? 

PRO TIP: Always check out queries on a keyword or a trend. Identify the one that is not much talked about. It will help you rank easily on the SERP. Given that- your content must be up to the mark.

1)      Never write something you are doubtful about

Content writers in India often prioritize infusing information into bits while researching a topic. Always remember highlighting an update or a new product launch without much statistics about the launch date, may affect the user experience. It is because you are providing information in which you do not share clarity. It may create confusion in the reader’s mind and he may switch.

2)      Always follow the Google or Webmaster ‘s Update

Google’s new update is nothing but refining the search algorithm model with machine learning periodically. It evaluates content performance online basing the need for time and user behavior. It helps Google highlight the most relevant content per user and search behavior. 

If you are a new content writer in India or an established one, you must keep a tab on the latest updates. It will help you refine the content game and rank your content high in SERP.  

Content curation is the key to growth and creating useful content that helps search and users alike.

Bottom line

The update’s whole concept aims to create content for humans, not machines. Now is the time to invest your efforts wisely.

Creating content loved by google and users alike is all your business needs today; connect now to get started! Comment your views, what do you think about the update?

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